Decompression method , pressure burst pot, can not be boosted? 8 Ways to Relax Decompress and Soothe Negative Emotions.

You’re stressed, I’m stressed, everyone’s stressed, but not everyone learns how to reduce stress? In today’s society, wage earners for two meals, for the supply of cars and bear a lot of pressure, can not speak up had to be dumb to burst pot; When the pressure is not too great to clean up, looking for decompression methods can not only soothe the mood, but also effectively solve things, organize 8 effective stress reduction methods, easy to face each day!

Decompression 01 . . . moderate exercise.

Exercise can secrete “dopamine” and make people happy, so moderate exercise can relieve tension, lift the spirit, regulate the important role of brain function. As long as the habit of exercise three times a week, at least 30 minutes at a time, not only can reduce the pressure, but also promote strong physical strength, knock away a lot of pre-test anxiety and work stress.

Decompression method Exercise.
Exercise secretes dopamine and makes people happy.

Decompression 02 . . . adequate sleep.

Think you’ll do well in the exam after you finish the book? On the contrary, 不足夠的睡眠時間會反而導致壓力愈來愈大 enough sleep to improve memory, not enough sleep time will lead to more and more pressure, if you feel that time is not enough to complete the book and work, it is better to go to bed early, get up early, not only will be more spiritual to complete the study and work, and the morning will be less harassment, more concentrated!

Decompression method Decompression Sleep.
Think you’ll do well in the exam after you finish the book? Instead, there is enough sleep to improve memory.

Decompression 03 is a distraction.

When you’re under too much pressure at work, or when you’re being scolded by your boss, get away from the heavy environment and negative attitudes as quickly as possible, or look for other things to distract yourself. Workers can watch some interesting movies and articles through computers and mobile phones, and can do things they are interested in at home, such as cooking, cleaning, etc.

Decompression method Diverts attention from Youtube.
Workers can watch some interesting movies and articles on their computers and mobile phones.

Decompression 04 , find someone to talk to.

Find a family member or friend who can help you keep your secret, talk well, and vent your grievances and negative feelings. All the unpleasant things, all said, crying, to a certain extent can relieve the pressure, reduce the psychological burden. Don’t always feel that no one understands yourself, how can you know what you’re thinking if you don’t say it?

Decompression method Confiding.
Talk well and vent your grievances and negative feelings.

Decompression 05 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

More and more decompression toys on the market, such as decompression dice, ghost mouth, 解壓骰仔、手指陀螺可以增強集中力 etc. , through non-stop crowding, pressing to reach the state of physical and mental relief pressure, there are also studies pointed out that decompression dice, finger gyro can enhance concentration, natural work and reading efficiency can also be increased!

Decompression method Fidget Toys.
Some studies have pointed out that decompression dice, finger gyro can enhance concentration, natural work and reading efficiency can also be increased!

In addition, we can also prepare some massage props such as cervical massager, massage hammer, etc. , when a long time the same sitting position reading or work will make the shoulder and neck stiff, then massage props can play an effective role, soothing fatigue.

Decompression 06- Meditation Empty.

Meditation is a decompression method for many people in recent years and does not require any tool for decompression. Meditation is the concentration of the whole body on controlling breathing and the body, 放空 emptying other thoughts, helping to organize the stress, relax, and occasionally emptying will inject more motivation into the brain.

The Decompression Method Meditation.

Decompression 07 . . . draw a line between public and private.

It’s inevitable that many times at work, your boss or boss often asks you to work after work, which can put pressure on subordinates who don’t know how to turn them down. It’s better to sit back and talk to the company and make agreements, share the work with different colleagues at different times, and let your bosses understand the importance of time off to team productivity and redistribute work.

Decompression method.

Decompression 08, mobile app app.

In today’s technologically advanced society, mobile phones can solve a lot of problems, decompression is no exception, there are already a lot of decompression apps on the market, through a small screen to soothe emotions.

Adjusting breathing decompression . . . Calm.

Calm is one of the “app of the year” for 2017 and is a popular health app. To adjust breathing as the main function, many times the pressure is too big to disrupt people’s breathing rhythm, resulting in insomnia. This decompression app uses different themes for users to improve their problems such as Increase Happiness, Better Sleep, Improve Focus, and Reduce Stress, and breathes at a rhythmic pace, with the sound of nature’s birds and flowing water, so that the mood slowly relaxes, minus the pressure, suitable for candidates and workers with too much work pressure to use.

Download address:App Store / Google Play.

Improve AnxietyExercises , Stop, Breathe , and Think.

Stop, Breathe, and Think understand the user’s emotional state and then offer different stress-reducing exercises, including yoga, massage, meditation, and breathing exercises, which significantly improve stress and anxiety, and are suitable for anxious people.

Stop, Breathe and Think.
Download address:App Store / Google Play.

Empty your head to decompressyour head . . . Newlife.330.

A sit-in can cause changes in brain nerve activity and function, which can regulate emotions and then change behavior. Newlife.330 is the simplest way to provide users with a sit-down experience, through different types of workshops, emptying their heads, reducing stress and improving physical and mental health.

Download address:App Store / Google Play.

Boost concentration and reduce stress . .. Pause.

Sometimes the stress is too great to focus on work or books, and “Pause” is a great helper for solving this problem, allowing users to quickly focus and soothe stressed emotions. Among them, the application of patented technology, users only need to empty fingers on the screen to move, can stimulate the body rest and digestion effect, just a few minutes can re-focus and reduce stress, coupled with the app with meditation topics, let people temporarily escape trouble.

Download address:App Store / Google Play.

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