FLY Travel Insurance finally launched! Check out the insurance FAQs below

After three years of waiting, everyone is rushing to book their air tickets, hotels, itineraries, and WI-FI cards, but how about your travel insurance? If you are in a hurry and want to find travel insurance that suits you, YAS has launched FLY Travel Insurance (also known as Bravo Travel Protector), which is definitely a hit! Below, we’ve summarised the most common questions about travel insurance, such as COVID-19, flight delays, mobile phone loss, etc. There’s also a breakdown for FLY insurance on its coverage and exclusion, and we’ll provide you with some tips about claim submission too!

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YAS 為大家整理出酒店房間清潔陷阱以及入住酒店必備法寶,讓你的Staycation 住得安心之餘又能舒適、愉快、充實!