Are Dogs Afraid Of Cold? How to keep your pets warm in the cold day!

Do your pets need to be kept warm? As we enter winter, the weather starts to get colder. Although people have started to add clothes, our dogs are not as afraid of the cold as we are! Dogs generally adapt to temperatures above 7 degrees Celsius, and in Hong Kong’s weather, your dog’s coat is enough to keep him warm! If the temperature drops to zero degrees, you may want to start keeping your dog warm, so let’s prepare a series of tips to help your dog stay warm and winterize with him!

How can we know dogs are getting cold?

01|Dogs body or ears become frozen

Dogs have a higher body temperature than humans, but when you find that the dog’s hands and feet, nose, or ears are cold, it means that the dog’s body blood flow is not enough to make the extremities warm, we must immediately carry out warming measures for the dog!

02|The movement becomes slower and starts to whisper

When dogs feel cold, their movements will slow down, whether they are walking or eating, and they will start to find warmer places to lie down, perhaps near a warmer blanket or stove. When you notice your dog start to whine and feel worried, that means they are cold!

If the dog feels cold, there will be cold hands and feet, the owner should pay attention in time!

How to keep your dog warm?

If you find that your dog is not warm enough, you should start keeping him warm! However, given the temperature in Hong Kong, dogs are less likely to feel cold, so don’t add clothing to your dog in temperatures in the mid-teens.

01|Change a fluffy mattress for your dog

Many dogs can only sleep on the floor, the general temperature of the floor is colder than the body temperature, so dogs sleep on the floor (or floor tiles) in winter is actually very cold! If you love your dog, you can change the plush mattress or a warm blanket for your dog to protect him from the cold of the floor!

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02|Extra coat for dogs

Of course, this method can only be used in weather below 7 degrees Celsius, or for smaller or older dogs, extra clothing is required, while dogs with thicker coats do not need extra clothing. In addition, dogs do not need to wear shoes, but rather make them walk more uncomfortable.

03|Do not cut their hair in winter

Many dog owners will cut their dogs’ hair to make it easier to take care of their dogs’ appearance! It’s best to cut your dog’s hair only in the summer and not in the late summer or early fall, so that your dog has enough hair to last through the winter.

04|Stay indoors and go out less

If the weather is too cold, take your dog out less and stay indoors as much as possible. If your dog is not able to discharge, you can also shorten the time to discharge your dog, or stay at home and have some training and games with your dog, which are good ways to discharge!