Thin leg exercise – 10 minutes a day, 6 movements adhere to a month, successfully reduce the size of leg fat!

Urban people generally sedentary do not want to move, resulting in the lower body relatively obese, thin leg exercise is of course the first weight loss leaderboard! To concentrate on thin thighs, thin calves and do not want to add too much muscle to the legs and become coarse, it is best to have a pair of young and somewhat less muscle-less beautiful legs is best. Editors for you to organize a series of lean thigh movements, will be years of fat on the leg to lose, insist on doing 10 minutes a day, 1 month to implement lean legs success!

Photo credit: Coffee Lindt.

Thin leg movement! Lose your legs for 10 minutes a day.

01 – Lift your legs sideways.

Thin Leg Position: Outside thighs – Number of groups: 20 at a time.

Very simple can complete the thin leg movement, just lying in bed can be completed, suitable for lazy people to do daily TV or cooking drama, each side to do 20 times, each time do 2set.

How to thin your legs? Thin-sized leg movement.
Thin leg exercise that can be done in a very simple way.
How to thin your legs? Thin-sized leg movement.
Even lying in bed can be done.

02 – Bow and Arrow Step.

Thin Leg Position: Thighs, Hips, Groups: 10 at a time.

The front foot bends to 90 degrees and the hind legs straightten, helping to lengthten the leg lines.

Slim lower body Leg movement.
Bow and arrow steps. Can effectively make the calves become slelonger, the same forging the front of the thighs.

03 – Raise your legs inside the side.

Thin Leg Position: Thighs – Number of Groups: 30 at a time.

Lie down sideways, hold up your body with your hands, bend your feet on the outside, slowly lift and drop your legs on the inside, swing up and down, and your thighs will lift your calves.

Thin size leg movement Quick thin leg.
Lift your legs sideways. Drive the movement of the calves with your thighs, thin thighs first-class!

04 – Legs open and close.

Thin Leg Position: Inside Thighs – Number of Groups: 100 at a time.

Lie flat on the ground, legs must first be straight up, the body and legs are 90 degrees, legs open to both sides, toe relaxation, repeated opening and close.

Thin thigh movement.
Lie flat on the ground and lift your legs straight first. Instagram/diet_nooa.
Thin thigh movement.
Open your legs to both sides, relax your toes, and close again and again. Instagram/diet_nooa.diet_nooa

05 – Bridge lift hips.

Thin Leg Position: Thighs, Hips, Groups: 15 at a time.

Lie flat on the ground, bend your knees, legs as wide as your head, hold on for 2 seconds after lifting to the highest point, and your thighs and hips in a straight line when lifted.

Thin hips Thin ass thin lower body movement.
Bridge-style hip lift. Thin lower body especially thighs and hips are most obvious.

06 – Squat.

Thin leg position: front and back of thighs, buttocks, number of groups: 20 seconds per group.

Squatting consumes no less energy than running, concentrating on forging the muscles at the front and back of the thighs and practicing into peach hips! Pay attention to squatting when the feet are not inside eight, the whole body should not exceed the toe, balance the body all rely on the strength of the soles of the feet.

Thin hips Thin ass thin lower body movement.
Squat. Can effectively thin the front and back of the thighs.

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As Coffee said, “How hard you work, how good your figure is”, does not mean that every day to complete the above lean leg exercise can lose weight success, but also to strictly control the diet, massage the legs, will be successful thin legs!