Mobile phone photography, light and shadow, food placement should be pay attention to? 6 Tips for Food Photography (With Foodie, VSCO Coloring)

Three meals a day, occasionally eat food, but also want to use the mobile phone to take a picture of food on Instagram to share, but often even if everyone is using the same iPhone there is no way to shadow the same texture. Food photography doesn’t have to be shot with a professional camera, it’s as simple as a phone! Photo editors who have photographed thousands of food photos organize the following little steps in food photography, followed by doing what everyone can do for a professional Foodie.

Food Photography Tips 01 – The Importance of Light and Shadow.

The light in the room is uneven and easy to spoil the beauty. Using nature’s daylight, the food photos are brighter and warmer, showing the original color of the food. Especially when you cook your own food, remember not to take pictures in the dimly lit kitchen, by the bright windows or in the outdoor sun, and even your iPhone can take the most natural food photos. If there is no natural light help, you can also ask friends to use mobile phone lights long light or A4 paper to expand the range of light sources, do not use their own mobile phone flash light!

Even if the natural light produces shadow, but does not affect the food aesthetic premise, light and shadow will form a feature of the photo.

Food Photography Tips 02 – Make good use of small props.

Textured eaters or small props can boost appetite and attract more people to appreciate them. If the food is easier to shape, you may want to set it against a more patterned cup dish and vice versa. In addition, tableware, books, cups can also help the table to show disapproval, for example, can be placed next to breakfast coffee cups, computers, etc. , coffee may wish to build a book or pen, the use of different elements to build up the overall mood.

Sometimes 枱, wooden plates, etc. are also good small things to help shoot!

Food Photography Tips 03 – Make the best use of depth-of-day effects.

The depth-of-depth-of-depth effect helps to highlight the subject when shooting food, and is the best tool when the background is more cluttered. Now even shooting apps such as the iPhone (human model) or Foodie have depth-of-view effects that allow you to adjust your own irises. Small editor mention you, the general shooting food as long as the use of f2.8 aperture is enough to make food depth of view effect, too greedy to pursue a larger aperture will only make the food a piece of paste.

The iPhone’s image-like mode has been able to make a depth-of-range effect like a camera, but pay attention to distance and food.

Food Photography Tips 04 – Simple Background.

The food looks good, and the background is a very important factor. Matching food with a pure light background can help to create a clearer food soul and increase the attractiveness of the food. In addition, when taking pictures, we should remember not to be too greedy, put too many objects into the mirror, but to make the focus more blurred, the use of white background or wallpaper can best create a full sense of wenqing!

The white wall is the best background.

Food Photography Tips 05 . . . Shooting Angles.

45 degree side shot .

Side shooting is the most commonly used daily mobile phone food shooting angle, 45 degrees angle aimed at the target, plus depth-of-view mode to take more textured food photos, but pay attention to put food longer distance to take better photos. According to the experience of small editing, you may want to stay away from the food to be shot, and then zoom in on the lens to close the food distance, the best effect.

Don’t steal, leave your chair to shoot food!

Shoot down.

The lens stays parallel to the food, shooting down from above, with little chance of making a mistake. Pay attention to light shadows when shooting and try to avoid top light, such as the shadow of your hand or phone. This way of shooting food with a cell phone is best for a big meal, and even using a cell phone to shadow it is better than using a camera.

Pitching is almost non-errorable, and the only thing to watch out for is the shadow of the hand and phone.

Food Photography Tips 06 – Never Forget! Color.

The beautiful light and shadow, shooting distance, or not as great as the Foodie app to do the color adjustment function. Perhaps many people think that after color adjustment will lose the authenticity of food, but in fact, color adjustment can increase appetite, the shadow of light to tone more perfect, not to color alone does not make the taste of food change, want to shoot food better can not forget! The most popular apps for small editors include Foodie, VSCO, and Lightroom, all of which are free mobile apps that you must have for food photography.

Foodie (iOS / Android) color-▶▶.

VSCO (iOS / Android) color-▶▶.

Lightroom (iOS / Android) toned tips ▶▶.

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