Why Do Smartphone Screens Crack so Easily? Tips to Protect Your Phone Screen.

It’s Happened to All of Us

You reach into your pocket to grab your phone only for it to slip out of your hand onto the pavement. The first thing on your mind is to check whether the screen is cracked or not. You reach for your phone with dread, praying that the screen is fine or at least useable. Ask a room full of people to take out their phones and one of them is bound to have a cracked screen. So why do our smartphones have such fragile screens?

Balance Between Design and Function

Consumers want thinner and thinner phones that can fit into their pockets with ease

The consumer’s desire for a phone that is aesthetically pleasing to use far outweighs the desire for a bulky phone that can survive any impact. As smartphone technology progresses, more and more customers desire bigger screens and thinner designs. As a result, designers have to meet consumer demands with increasingly sleeker designs every year. Every year phone screens get bigger but the frame gets skinnier, a recipe for a fragile screen. Making a glass screen that is thin as possible yet durable is a difficult task for smartphone manufacturers. More and more weak points are introduced every time you drop your phone, which eventually leads to a cracked screen at some point in the future.

How Can I Protect my Phone Screen?

01. Use a Case

Find a color or style of case that suits your personality!

This one is the most obvious answer but people still choose to use their phone without a case! Find a case that has a good balance between durability, comfort, and weight, so you can use it comfortably on a daily basis. More importantly, find a case with a good rim around the screen so it doesn’t crack when it falls flat on the ground. A good rim on the case will help create space between the surface the phone falls on and the screen.

02. Glass Screen Protectors

Remember to clean your screen thoroughly before you place the screen protector on otherwise it won’t stick properly.

Maybe you don’t want a case or you think the case isn’t enough to protect your screen. Fear not, a glass screen protector satisfies both of these issues. These are slim and durable sheets of tempered glass that you can stick on your phone screen. They absorb all the stress from an impact so that your phone screen doesn’t have to. Keep in mind, these screen protectors are designed to crack so your phone screen doesn’t. Remember to buy multiple so you can swap them out easily.

Invest in Phone Insurance

Phone screens will still somehow crack, even with a case and a glass screen protector. Repairing your screen is expensive which is we recommend you invest in phone insurance to void any repair or replacement costs should any accidents happen to it. Some insurance providers even offer door to door repair service as fast as 24 hours after your claim!