Take long exposure shots and turn your air pods into a hearing aid| 7 tips hidden tips for iPhone

It has been more than 10 years since the launch of the first iPhone. Have you made good use of all the new functions? iOS has many functions which are not noticed by most users. Each iPhone tip will help unlock the full potential of your iPhone. Read the following iPhone tips to make the best use of your phone!

Photo from: kassidy.go.abroad / Pinterest

01 | Take time exposure photos with iPhone’s Live Photo

Without a camera, you can also take long exposure photos by using iphone’s Live Photo. To achieve that, you only need to click the 1.5-second short film before and after the shutter in the mode of “Live Photo”, open the “Live Photo” in the album, and push up. There will be three options: “Loop Playback”, ” “Play back and forth” and “Time Exposure”, taking long exposure photos is just as simple as SLR.

iPhone 隱藏功能 2020 小技巧 曝光照片
This screen will appear when Live Photo is pushed up!

02 | Safari reader can change the font background color

Safari has launched reading mode for articles on major websites. It turns out that in addition to making reading clearer, you can also press the “aA” button to choose different background colors and fonts.

iPhone 隱藏功能 2020 小技巧 改字體背景顏色

03 | Automatically turn off playing videos or music

Perhaps many people already know this hidden function. You only need to set the timer on the “stop running” line. Once the time is up, the timer will automatically stop the music or movie playing, which is ideal for those who often fall asleep while watching movies or listening to music.

iPhone 隱藏功能 2020 小技巧 停播音樂
Select stop running when the timer ends.

04 | AirPods Hearing Aid

Didn’t expect Airpods to become a hearing aid one day? This iPhone function is intended for users with poor hearing. After enabling this function, you can amplify the ambient sound in Airpods, just use your phone to receive the sound! First open “Control Center” in the settings, and add “Listening” to “Custom Control Items”. After that, you can see an ear sign when opening the control center. You can use the monitoring ability of Airpods after enabling it. Even if you only wear Airpods and put down the phone, you can hear the sound of the phone range, up to 10 meters.

iPhone 隱藏功能 2020 小技巧  Airpods 監聽器
Open “Control Center” in the settings and add “Listening” to “Custom Control Items”
iPhone 隱藏功能 2020 小技巧
Connect Airpods and press the ear button to use 

05 | Use photographic lens as a magnifying glass 

Iphone has a plethora of functions that are complicated and not user-friendly, but it has also designed many functions suitable for the elderly, such as turning the lens into a magnifying glass! First open “Settings”, press “Auxiliary Use”, there will be a “Magnifying Glass” option. After enabling it, you just need to press the side button three times to automatically open the magnifying glass.

iPhone 隱藏功能 2020 小技巧
Open “Settings”, press “Auxiliary Use”, there will be a “Magnifying Glass” option.
iPhone 隱藏功能 2020 小技巧
Just press the side button three times to automatically open the magnifying glass after enabling it.

06 | Measure object size instantly 

Sometimes you want to measure furniture at home, but you don’t have a ruler on hand at the moment, maybe iPhone’s rangefinder can help you! Just aim at the object and press the “+” sign, you can measure the length and height like a ruler.

iPhone 隱藏功能 2020 小技巧
iphone’s rangefinder

07 | Safari screenshot can save the entire webpage

Not everyone knows this iPhone hiding function! Generally, screenshots can only capture the screen of the mobile phone at the moment, but in Safari, you can save the screen of the whole webpage. The storage format is PDF instead of JPG, suitable for friends who may need it for work!

 Storage format is PDF instead of JPG