Binge-worthy dramas on Netflix! A list of must-see original American dramas

Are you going crazy from staying at home all the time? To help you stay sane, we recommend some super good drama series for you to entertain yourself. Netflix has tens of thousands of TV shows and movies. In addition to the list of must-see shows every week and classic TV shows and movies, Netflix also integrates a series of must-see original American drama series for you to watch with your friends.

01 | Prison Break

Thrilling & suspenseful

A lot of people tune in to Netflix to watch the thrilling drama Prison Break! Prison Break has a total of 5 seasons. The plot is about the protagonist’s brother being framed of killing the vice president’s brother. The protagonist secretly helps his brother escape from prison by imprisoning himself with a full body tattoo of the prison map. Numerous unpredictable events happen as the brothers attempt to carry out the escape plan.

02 | The Good Place

Fantastic comedy

The most recommended comedy on Netflix is definitely The Good Place, an original comedy that broadcasted in 2016 and has 3 seasons already. The story is about a group of protagonists  who are in the afterlife their death, because their behavior in their previous lives led them into this world. Everything in this world is beautiful and dreamy, and it is also known as “The Good Place”, but there are many secrets hidden behind this seemingly beautiful land. After the heroine dies unexpectedly, she wakes up and finds out that she came to the good place, when she should be in the bad place! In her attempt to hide her true nature, she brings out unexpected chaos everywhere she goes.

03 | Better than Us

Sci-fi & action 

Russian TV series Better Than Us on Netflix discusses the possible impact of intelligent robots having free will. After humans give robots the ability to learn and think independently, robots can handle many complicated tasks, but at the same time it also poses a certain threat to humanity. The robot in this show must protect its family members through any necessary means, even murder!

04 | The Vampire Diaries


The Vampire Diaries has 8 seasons on Netflix. The story is adapted from the American best-selling novel “The Vampire Diaries”, which tells the story of protagonist Elena Gilbert who falls in love with the vampire Stefan Salvatore. Unexpectedly, another evil vampire Damon, brother of Stefan Salvatore, also falls in love with her. This triangular relationship revolves around the various legendary events that occurred a millennium ago. If you like “Twilight”, you should check this show out!

05 | You 

Thrilling & crime 

You, is a must watch show on Netflix. The main character is a stalker that has found his new prey, an aspiring crime novelist. The stalker’s inner monologue is narrated every episode. Viewers can hear his dark and perverted thoughts, and inner struggles. You will feel more and more horrible as the plot advances. 

06 | Suits

Story line 

With a fast-paced and humorous plot style, each episode of Suits is a wonderful story. The story revolves around a law firm in New York. It brings out the stories from the firm through one case after another and showcases the close emotional relationships between the characters. Moreover, the cast includes the former British princess which has made Suits popularity skyrocket.