Popular places for bungy jumping in Taiwan to challenge your limits together!

In addition to skydiving on your life bucket list, bungy jump may also be one of them! Looking at the lush forest or the vast sea in front of you, you can see the beautiful scenery before you jump down and feel, the pleasure of g-force. If you haven’t tried bungy jumping in Hong Kong, in addition to the adjacent Macau Tower, bungy jumping in Taiwan is also a good choice. All bungy jump sites in Taiwan are required to be approved by the government to ensure safety. The following are recommended tips for bungy jumping in Taiwan for you to keep in mind the next time you go.

A must-try extreme challenge for the brave! Bungy jumping in Taiwan

There are two big differences between bungy jumping and skydiving. First, your body is securely fastened with a thick elastic rope to feel the thrill of falling down, while enjoying the beautiful scenery around, rebounding several times before coming to a stop. The scariest part is waiting at the top of the platform right before the jump. Second, the coach will not push you like Skydiving, instead, the participants need to take a step and jump into the abyss. There are 3 bungy jump methods and we have listed them for you right below:

Jump back with your waist tied

Participants who try bungy jumping for the first time generally use this method. The bungee rope is tied to the waist and then the participants jumps backwards. It will bounce back about 4-5 times, allowing participants to reduce the fear of facing the abyss in front of them.

Jump forward with your waist tied

It is also tied to the waist, but it requires the jumper to jump towards the scene in front of his eyes, and the sense of fear is greatly increased. This method allows the jumper to have a better view of the scenery in front of them.

High diving with your feet tied

With the jump rope tied to the ankle, the jumper will jump forward and with both hands open. This is the most difficult jump for the novice compared to the basic jump, but it is definitely the most exciting one.

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Recommended places for bungy jumping in Taiwan

Taiwan has legalized bungy jumping. People who apply to the government can legally try this extreme sport at a low cost. Prices are around NT$4,500 (HK$1,250). All designated bungy jump places in Taiwan must be registered in advance. Sorry in advance to anyone who wants to jump together as a pair. For the time being, there is no two-person bungy jumping available in Taiwan. Couples or friends who want to try bungy jumping can only do it separately.

Place for bungy jump in Taiwan | Taoyuan ▪ Baling Bridge

Height: 43 meters

43 meters above the ground, about 15 stories high, the first legal bungy jump bridge in Taoyuan District. The all-steel suspension bridge in the mountain forest is, full of excitement, and the fall time is only about 3 seconds. The bridge is surrounded by valleys so bunjy jumpers will be delighted by the stunning scenery. 

Source of photo: Taoyuan sightseeing tour guide website

Place for bungy jump in Taiwan | Taoyuan ▪ Dahan Bridge

Height: 72 meters

The 72-meter-high Dahan Bridge is about 24 stories high. The Dahan Bridge is a popular and recommended place for bungy jumping in Taiwan. It is a good place for a once in a lifetime challenge. The bridge is surrounded by lush and green trees.

Tips on bungy jump:

  • Your body must be healthy and able-bodied. People with heart disease or, brain disease cannot participate
  • Those with deep myopia (up to 1,200 degrees) cannot participate, because they are at a higher risk for brain congestion and retinal detachment when falling at high speeds. 
  • Keep your clothes as simple as possible
  • Before bungy jump, you should move and pull all parts of your body
  • Some travel insurance may not cover extreme sports such as Bungy Jump, please pay more attention before buying.

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