【YAS Travel Tips】4 Tips For a Safe Self-drive Trip

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Public transportation is definitely not a problem for Hong Kong people, however, when travelling abroad, public transportation may not be as convenient which requires you to drive on unfamiliar roads. 

People who did not have that much time to drive in Hong Kong after passing their exam will feel a lot of nerve driving in a foreign country with different laws and roads. 
Fear not! We have provided 4 essential tips for you to have a smooth drive on your next tour.

自駕遊 副駕 租車 還車 長途車

1. Don’t Try to Do Everything

Everyone wants to see and eats much as possible when they travel aborad, but if the trip is too jam-packed, you won’t even have time to take a break from driving. This will greatly affect the quality of your driving and may even lead to traffic accidents. The best method is to take turns with two drivers, and if necessary, stop at a rest stop for a break.

2. Inspect the Car Before Renting

It is important to check the car carefully before renting it, especially at corners, bumper rails, headlights and other locations to see if there is any damage to the car, and to let the company keep a record of it.

3. Check the GPS System in the Car
自駕遊 朋友 GPS

Most people only pay attention to the car body, horsepower, safety, etc., but the GPS system in the car is just as important. You should test the GPS system to see if it is working properly before you rent the car. You can enter your location, phone number, MAPCODE and other information to check that the positioning is normal. When you are out of town, GPS is your best friend in your car, without it, you are in trouble!

4. Dangerous routes should be secured.

General travel insurance may not cover accidents that occur while driving. Before renting a car, you should check whether the rental contract includes accident and third party insurance, and understand the terms and conditions of the insurance. If you are new to driving in snow or if you are new to self-drive tours, remember to add insurance before you go!