Semi-automatic or fully automatic coffee machine? Promote 5 home coffee machines and turn your home business into a coffee shop!

The earliest coffee machine is not fully automatic, for the home coffee machine is very inconvenient, all because of brewing coffee words must be forced to pull down the hand. It wasn’t until 1933 that Francesco Illy created the first fully automatic coffee machine, simplifying the brewing process, making it easy for coffee lovers to use, and revolutioning a whole new Espresso. Integrate all your coffee machine knowledge for you, give up Nespresso capsule coffee, and learn how to make your own coffee!

Automatic? Semi – automatic? Coffee machine classification.

Semi-automatic coffee machine.

As the name implies, there are still some processes in the semi-automatic coffee machine that have to be done manually. This coffee opportunity has a hand, the home can control the amount of coffee, but also to grind their own coffee beans. However, as long as the ground coffee powder to the coffee machine, you can make a cup of fragrant Espresso, more suitable for professional barista use, coffee shops are generally using a giant semi-automatic coffee machine, brewing a cup of Italian coffee.

Ability to control the amount of coffee.No one is hard to get started with.
It’s cheaper.
Improve your coffee-making skills.

Fully automatic coffee machine.

Fully automatic coffee machine and capsule coffee machine is not the same, the use of fully automatic coffee machine or coffee beans, but to simplify the brewing process, as long as the coffee beans poured into the machine, the coffee machine will automatically control the brewing time, according to the type of coffee you want to drink and determine the weight, and even automatic milk bubble, very convenient!

The machine completes automatically.The brewing time cannot be controlled.
It’s easy to get started.more Ang Fei.
A large degree of control of the serving weight.

A selection of home Espresso coffee machines.

01’Breville Barista Touch’ Italian Coffee Machine.

Price: HK$8,980. 購買網址

Breville Coffee Machine.


  • Automatic brewing.
  • Set up 5 preset drinks and 8 self-made coffee making procedures.
  • Touch screen to control coffee concentration, milk bubble thickness and temperature.
  • Built-in conical bean grinder.


  • Not necessarily suitable for people who want to make their own coffee.
  • To manually press the coffee.

02-NUOVA SIMONELLI – OSCAR II Professional Italian Semi-Automated Coffee Machine.

Price: HK$8,320. 購買網址

NUOVA coffee machine.


  • The machine can connect directly to the water pipe.
  • It is equipped with a steam rod.
  • Coffee cup insulation function.
  • High quality design and look.
  • Greater coffee freedom.


  • There is no grinding function.
  • Coffee nods are harder to come by.
  • The brewing function cannot be self-ordered.

03′ Gaggia Carezza Deluxe semi-automatic coffee machine.

Price: HK$3,980. 購買網址

Gaggia Carezza Deluxe Coffee Machine.


  • Italian nostalgic coffee machine design.
  • Automatic pre-wetting function.
  • A new-look, friendly steam bar.


  • Not everyone likes nostalgic design.
  • More coffee-making experience is needed.
  • There are no modern features available for Breville and Nuova machines.

04-De’Longhi EC155 Italian Coffee Machine.

Price: HK$980 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

delonghi hk delonghi coffee machine.
De’Longhi coffee machines are reasonably priced and first-class for nobies!


  • The price is reasonable.
  • Easy to get started with a new barista.
  • Brewing and vapor temperatures can be different.


  • Less functionality.
  • Fully manual design.
  • Less capacity.

05’Mr. Coffee Espresso and Cappuccino Maker.

Price: HK$1,729. 購買網址

Mr. Coffee Coffee Machine.


  • The operation is the simplest.
  • The price is cheap.
  • Coffee powder or coffee espresso bags are available.
  • Single layout control.


  • The water tank has a fine capacity.
  • A manual brew is required.
  • There is not much place to place the coffee cup.

Have you ever learned more about coffee machines and still cling to Nespresso or Starbucks coffee machines? With an Italian coffee machine, you can always have a delicious espresso, but before you buy one, consider your abilities and how familiar you are with making coffee. If you are interested in making coffee, you may want to buy entry-level products, and then learn to grind coffee beans, heating, brewing, etc., to make a cup of fragrant Italian coffee.

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