[Surfing in Tainan] Surfs Up! Check Out Yuguang Island, a surfing hotspot in Tainan.

Besides surfing hotspots in Taiwan such as Kenting, Tainan is also a great option! Despite only a few surfing places in Tainan, Yuguang Island, a surfing hotspot in Tainan, is known for its beautiful beach. It is also highly recognized in the surfing industry in Taiwan. Travelers to Tainan cannot miss Yuguang Island if they love the sea!

Surfing in Tainan | Don’t miss out on Yuguang Island

The antique Tainan is home to a beautiful surfing hotspot called  Yuguang island, which has been known for its sunset tower as a scenic spot for travelers. Many tourists and surfing lovers in Tainan visit the island over the weekends. The half-moon-shaped bay prevents huge waves. The seawater in the Pacific Ocean attracts surfing learners to Yuguang Island. In addition, people can also do other water activities such as SUP, sail boating, and canoeing.

漁光島 日落 風帆

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Surfing in Tainan | Features of surfing in Yuguang Island

The waves in Yuguang Island are quite soft and thick, and you will not feel the pain even when they smash against your body. However, since the waves can come from both the left and right sides, surfers with long and short surfboards should exercise caution. Waves have more changes in January to February and travelers surfing in Tainan are advised to pay attention and refer to the forecasts online. Winter (November to January) and summer (June to September) are also suitable for surfing in Yuguang Island. There are long and soft waves in winter and 1-2-meter low-pressure waves in summer. Both surfing beginners and experienced surfers can enjoy. It is Taiwan’s version of Surfers’ Paradise! Like other surfing places, travellers should surf in Tainan in suitable weather and in the right season. Otherwise, they may encounter danger or miss the surfing opportunity!

台南衝浪 漁光島 浪

Introduction to surfing in Tainan | Surfing Lessons in Yuguang Island

Travelers who have never surfed can also have fun in a safe environment. There are many surfing schools that provide one-to-one surfing teaching and they also charge TWD2,500/HK$641 for 2.5 hours of teaching. They also provide the leasing of long and short surfboards. Both surfing beginners and experienced surfers can surf in Yuguang Island.

台南衝浪 漁光島衝浪
Facebook/Surfing Teaching in Yuguang Island/Surfboard Leasing/Surfing Products
台南衝浪 漁光島衝浪 教學
Facebook/Surfing Teaching in Yuguang Island/Surfboard Leasing/Surfing Products
Surfing Coconut Studio Charge: One-to-one coach TWD2,500/HK$641 Website: swelleye.com/shops-hostels/coconut-surf-studio