5 minutes a day! Waist repair must-read: belly-reducing exercise and diet guide.

“Reduce belly exercise” urban people are busy 運動 at work every day, there is no time to do exercise, coupled with bad eating habits, the accumulation of belly fat paste on a lot. Everyone is eager to have a perfect figure, drive away the big belly fat, reply to the young waist, integrate a few at home can also do the belly reduction movement and reduce belly eating habits, as long as you take some time in life to adjust, 24″ small waist finger day!

5 minutes a day! Must do waist-down belly reduction action.

Belly-reducing action 01 – Crunch( Crunch )

The coeliac is one of the easiest actions to reduce belly movement, that is, Sit-up. First of all, the body lying flat on the ground, feet cranked, feet on the ground, hands on the head, slowly lift the upper body with waist force, do not use the hand to pull up the head, will hurt the neck, each group of 10, even do 3 groups.

Belly-reducing action 02 , Mountain Climber.

Mountaineer is an action to strengthen the core muscles, is a common movement in abdominal exercise, most of the body muscles participate together, while exercising stability and flexibility. At the beginning of the action hands and shoulders together wide support, the body from the head to the feet fall to maintain a straight line, feet take turns off the ground, the knee as far as possible to the chest, do 1-2 minutes for 1 group, rest 30 seconds in doing, even do 3 groups.

▶▶ follow the following video to cut your belly!

Belly-reducing action 03 – Bicycle Crunch.

Bike-type belly is the same abdominal movement, can be the core exercise plus pedaling action, increase the degree of difficulty, help to subtract the big belly. At first lying flat on the ground, hands on the head, feet ready to step on the bike posture, elbows as far as possible to the knee to touch the past (right foot, left hand right foot), each group 8-10, a total of 3 groups.

Belly-reducing action 04 , left and right touch feet off (Heel touch)

Although this action is small, the effect is large, mainly aimed at the abdomen, help to form abdominal lines, waist repair. The action began to lie flat on the ground, feet cranked, knees to the sky, hands flat on both sides of the body, shoulder slightly raised, left hand to the left to touch the left foot pot position, back to the original state, and then to the right. Do 10-15 on the left and right sides, a total of 3 groups.

▶▶ follow the following videos to do belly reduction.

Belly-reducing action 05 – Leg Lift Extension.

Tightening the act of kicking up the abdomen has the effect of receiving the abdomen and reducing the belly. At the beginning of the body lying flat, upper body on the ground, tighten the abdomen, lift the lower body, feet solid, slowly bend the knee, force the toes to kick up, so that the waist off the ground, down when bending the calves, gently forward, when kicking up exhaled, put down when inhaling, each group of 45 seconds, even do 3 groups.

Belly-reducing action 06 – Push Through.

Push Through helps to exercise your abs, abs, abs, and abs, and is absolutely no problem. The action begins with a half-back state, first the body lying flat, knee trot and then slightly separated, hands straightened forward 45 degrees, abdominal force forward, hands along the thighs to the knee between the push, then will feel the abdominal pain, that is, belly fat is burning, each group of 25, even do 2 groups.

Belly-reducing action 07 – Leg Raise.

One of the most important moves in the waist, lifting the legs in addition to exercising the abdominal and hip muscles is also aimed at the lumbar muscles (iliopsoas), a group of muscles connected to the upper and lower body, left and right limbs, to help maintain physical stability. The action began to lie flat, back and hips on the ground, hands on both sides of the body, the abdomen to lift the legs, legs straight up to 90 degrees with the body, the abdomen and then force the two back. The whole process to abdominal force-based, back, waist to close to the ground, so as not to hurt the waist, each group of 10, even do 3 groups, effectively the belly fine.

▶▶ follow fitness gadget Coffee videos to do waist-repairing small belly movements.

Reduce belly diet attention.

Exercise alone is not enough to lose pounds, to match good eating habits, the combination of the two can be healthy minus belly fat cream!

Get rid of sugar and process starchy foods.

Friends who want to reduce their belly remember, first of all, we should give up a lot of added sugar food such as milk tea, lemon tea, dessert, slugs and so on. Because consuming too much sugar powder can turn into fat, it can lead to weight gain, fatigue, decreased attention, weakened immune systems, and, of course, greatly increased the difficulty of reducing the stomach.

Reduce belly diet.
Excessive intake of sugar powder can be converted into fat, which can lead to weight gain.

Ready-to-eat pasta, pineapple bags, cakes, biscuits, etc. , belong to low nutritional value but high calories of food, but also easy to produce feeling of hunger. You can choose lower carbohydrates such as rice flour, sweet potatoes, pasta, etc., which can increase satiety and help control your weight.

Give up eating red meat.

Red meat such as pigs, cattle, sheep, etc. , containing calories and fat far beyond white meat, especially skin, bone, oxen parts. Therefore, to white meat, including seafood, chicken and so on instead of red meat, to control the overall absorption of fat and cholesterol has a certain help, repair the waist to receive small abdomen naturally do more with less.

Reduce belly diet.

Eat more coarse fiber food.

General fruits and vegetables will contain fiber, while coarse fiber refers to grains, including red rice, oats, buckwheat, cassava, sweet potatoes and other foods, high-fiber food fullness is the first choice in the belly-reducing diet. Coupled with the habit of eating less and eating more meals, you can achieve the goal of eliminating fat by splitping your day’s diet into multiple meals and reducing the amount of each meal and increasing the number of meals you eat to reduce calorie intake and hunger for food cravings.

Reduce belly diet.

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