Railway travelling routes in Taiwan | Enjoy the railway scenery at the most beautiful railway station in Taiwan

We usually choose rapid transportation means such as airplanes or high-speed railways to save time. As a matter of fact, the train is also a good choice for travelling. When travelling alone on the railways in Taiwan, you can enjoy the view out of the window and discover unexpected landscapes. Here are 3 hot routes for railway travelling in Taiwan and the most beautiful railway station in Taiwan. Railways in Taiwan run through forests, urban areas and hills with views of the sea. This list will help you find hidden scenery spots unknown to most people!

Railway routes in Taiwan 01 | Pingxi Railway Line

Scenery of Outskirts of Taipei

With a long history, Pingxi Line is also considered as the entry-level railway travelling route in Taiwan. It was originally an exclusive transportation railway of Taiyang Mining and was acquired by the government and transformed into a passenger line. Pingxi Line was built along the Keelung River and runs through rivers, waterfalls and ecosystem. It is full of the flavor of the Japanese colonial era , almost like a Japanese anime.

Pingxi Railway diverges at Sandiaoling as many stations have mines. The line runs through the biggest coal mine in Taiwan and it used the most advanced coal preparation plant in Taiwan at that time. Houtong Station is known as the “cat village” and travelers are advised not to disturb the cats.

Shifen Station, the biggest station on Pingxi Line, attracts many tourists for sky lanterns and has become a destination for travelers, Shifen Waterfall has become a scenic spot on railways in Taiwan. Shifen Railway Station has many mining remains, and tourists can see coal piles and visit waterfalls nearby.

Pingxi Railway Line
Distance: 12.9 kilometers
Major stations: Shifen, Pingxi and Jingtong 

Railway routes in Taiwan 02 | Ali Mountain Forest Railway

Enjoy the clouds and sunrise on Ali Mountain

Ali Mountain Railway was completed and opened to traffic in 1912. It was built to transport Japanese cypress, hemlock and other precious trees in the mountain by the Japanese colonial government. It became an means of transportation for residents in the mountain and for climbing to the top of Ali Mountain. The train starts from the urban area of Chiayi and runs through the forest with deep fog. With high cedars on both sides of the railway, travellers will enjoy a fancy natural landscape.

阿里山森林鐵路 台灣鐵道旅行 台灣火車旅行

Ali Mountain Forest Railway undertakes the task of bringing customers to enjoy the sunrise on Ali Mountain. In the blooming season, Ali Mountain Forest Railway runs through the sea of flowers. Travelers to Taichung cannot miss the railway.

Ali Mountain Forest Railway
Distance: 71.4 kilometers
Major stations: Chiayi, Shenmu and Ali Mountain

Railway routes in Taiwan 03 | Nanhui Railway route

Train to take in life

Nanhui Railway is the most beautiful section. There is one train from Fangliao to Taitung. The train is the classic green train with fewer schedules in recent years. It stops at each station and runs slowly. The route is an excellent choice to experience railway traveling in Taiwan!

The train starts from Fangliao with the Central Range and Taiwan Strait on both sides. Fangliao is the first station on Nanhui Railway and is known for wax apples. There are wax apple-shaped decorations on the platform. Nanhui Railway runs through the Central Range in the section from Fangshan to Labwane. The section is full of mountain views without roads or signs. It is the best section if you want to fully take in the landscape. 

The train enters the Pacific shore after leaving Labwane and you can enjoy the beautiful coastal line. There is an abandoned station, Duoliang Station, which was known as the most beautiful railway station in Taiwan b the train will not stop here. The train will stop for 30 minutes after arriving at Jinlun Station and travelers may take photos.

Nanhui Railway route
Distance: 98.2 kilometers
Major stations: Fangliao, Taitung and Jinlun

Most beautiful railway stations in Taiwan

01 | Wanggu Station

Wanggu Station on Pingxi Railway has become a popular scenic spot for photographers. You cannot take photos of the beautiful scenery at the station. Instead, you should walk for a long distance to take photos of the station deep in the mountains. You cannot walk to the location: GPS:25.035611, 121.766361. Travellers are advised to drive to the location! 

02 | Duoliang Station

Duoliang Station is an abandoned station and few trains will stop at the station now. Travellers can watch the train run the tunnel and the scenery of the Pacific at Duoliang Station. You can also walk to the platform with red fences and enjoy the Pacific coastal line. 

03 | Zhuifen Station

Zhuifen Station is located in Taichung and has the same name as the station in Japan. As a construction of the colonial period, it is built with cypress and one of the few stations without reconstruction. There are many railway stations with antique buildings and Zhuifen Station is just one of them!