5 Signs your Cat is Hiding its Pain | Identify your Cat’s Problems as early as possible

Some owners only know that their cats are seriously sick when they bring them to the veterinarian only to regret failing to notice beforehand. To be a qualified cat owner, you should read the following list of guidelines. You are also advised to purchase coverage for pets and share the medical costs with insurance.

Hiding Pain is Instinct

Cats are hunters as well as preys of large animals in mother nature. Shouting when feeling pain is like telling every predator that “I am a delicious and powerless meal”. Therefore, cats pretend to feel fine when they are actually in pain. 


5 Characteristics of hiding pain:

If you want to know if your cat is hiding any discomfort, you should pay attention to their sleep, diet, activities and temperament

  1. Not energetic
    If cats no longer occupy the high places (such as windows and tops of bookshelves) and even refuse to use litter basins with higher fences, it may be that jumping would make the pain worse. If they even refuse to move when you play with them, you should pay more attention. Cats at higher ages may be hiding any pain or discomfort.
  2. Bad appetite
    Pain will often result in lost appetite. If they can eat dry food they are used to,  they might be suffering from toothache.
  3. Drowsiness or sleepless
    Some cats will sleep more when suffering from pain and some will sleep less as they cannot find a comfortable sleeping position.
  4. Unfriendly to strangers
    Some gentle cats will become unfriendly to strangers. For example: hiding and acting aggressive, such as roaring, hissing, sweeping the tail, and even clawing. Their bad temper is a result of feeling uncomfortable.
  5. Changes in frequency of grooming
    Neat cats may reduce the frequency of grooming suddenly or constantly lick the same spot of fur.
Unsplash:Kate Stone Matheson

Pet insurance

If your cat is sick and hiding their pain, the cost is high to visit a veterinarian and the consultation fee would range from hundreds of Hong Kong dollars to thousands of Hong Kong dollars. If you want to save the cost on medical treatment for cats each year, you may want to invest in pet insurance. 

The majority of pet insurance has no upper ceilings on compensation, the general consultation fees on visiting the veterinarian, medical treatment for pets and even hospitalization expenses on pets can be compensated. A maximum of HK$750 can be compensated each time with 20 claims each year. Like insurance for human beings, cats would be better guaranteed when they are younger. Otherwise, if the pets are old or sick, the insurance may exclude such expenses.

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