Leave the office on time? No more OT! 6 tips on working efficiently

Many feel that their working efficiency is lower when working at home than in the office. Many employees wonder how they can work more efficiently. There are only 24 hours in a day and most people would not like to work overtime. Here are 6 tips working efficiently. Achieve a work-life balance while working hard in the office. 

How to work efficiently 01|Setting short-time deadline

Some working tasks cannot be completed in 1 or 2 days. Quarterly reports, annual reports and working plans generally take one to two weeks and even a whole month to complete. Such work will make employees have no concept on time arrangement. Many will procrastinate and leave the work for another time.  As the deadline approaches, they end up hurrying and making more mistakes in the end.

Currently, many productivity apps have the function of setting a deadline

For such tasks, you should understand the scope and requirements of such work and divide them into small projects and set the deadline for each small project. It will help allocate the working time and avoid accumulation of too much work, giving you more time to fix mistakes, 

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How to work efficiently 02|Do not seek perfection

It does not mean that you can complete tasks with half the effort. Perfection means completing the tasks at over 100% and even to 120% while using 50% more time when you could have completed another job at 100% with that time. The quality may not be above and beyond but you will be way more productive with your time. You may review and add more to your work if you still have time.

How to work efficiently 03|Email is not the only communication method

Email is one of the tools prone to affect the working efficiency. Although it can send files and projects to everyone, more emails will increase the workload. If there are urgent matters, you can note in emails and ask the receiver to communicate through telephone calls directly and reduce emails. Import emails should be sorted and marked and those with CC or BCC should be reduced.

How to work efficiently 04|Stay concentrated

Most people want to have the ability to multitask and solve various problems at the same time. As a matter of fact, we cannot do that. When you deal with many tasks at the same time, you should deal with task one at a time. Trying to juggle too many things will result in uncompleted work. Completing the tasks one after another will bring a stronger sense of accomplishment and effectively improve working efficiency.

How to work efficiently  05|Prioritizing the tasks

When various tasks are assigned, we are usually in a muddle. We may want to complete all tasks as soon as possible and forget to prioritize the tasks. If you want work more efficiently, you should write down the tasks to be completed on each weekday or list all tasks to be completed in the week at the beginning of the week. You may list the tasks in the order of the deadline and the quantity of the tasks. Give priority to important matters and delete the completed tasks one by one, you will feel satisfied!

How to work efficiently 06|Avoid distractions

Many feel that they are distracted at work, and will pick up the mobile phone to check their notifications. Here are tips on avoiding distractions on your phone: Put your mobile phone in the handbag and turn on the DND mode (only repeated calls by one telephone number will show up in case of emergency). Use the website version if you have to communicate with your colleagues with Whatsapp and it will temporarily resist the allure of Facebook / Instagram and even mobile games. You may also spend the whole morning concentrated on tasks, and then check emails and notifications in the afternoon.

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