[Climbing routes for Chiaming Lake] Climbing route for newcomers to Chiaming Lake. Read our guide on itinerary and transportation

Chiaming Lake in Taitung is mysterious to many people. Because of Chiaming Lake’s climbing difficulty, it is relatively untouched by tourism. At an altitude of 3,310 meters, there is only one path to Chiaming Lake. It takes 3-4 day for a round trip from the hiking trail to Chiaming Lake. It is really worthwhile to enjoy the mysterious treasure of Chiaming Lake for a few days!

Climbing to Chiaming Lake

Chiaming Lake is located in Hairui Township, Taitung County. The whole hiking trail is located in Kaohsiung County, but the best way is to start from the hiking trail to Chiaming Lake by charted bus at Taitung Railway Station. Chiaming Lake shines brightly in the sunshine, like a drop of angel’s tears. Climbing to Chiaming Lake is not easy as it is 13 kilometres long and not suitable for newcomers. Experienced hikers with full preparation can complete the whole trip. As one of the few scenic spots worth visiting in life, Chiaming Lake attracts various newcomers.


Itinerary for climbing to Chiaming Lake

Difficulty for climbing to Chiaming Lake: ★★★★☆

Day 1: Trail to Chiaming Lake > Sunshine Cabin
Distance: 4.3 kilometers | Climbing height: 538 meters

It is not difficult to arrange the itinerary for Chiaming Lake as there is only one way there. Tourists can go to the Trail to Chiaming Lake by car or charted buses. The starting point has an altitude of 2,312 meters. The destination for Day 1 is Sunshine Cabin. Despite the short distance, the climbing height is the biggest in four days. As a result of the heavy luggage, tourists are advised to walk slowly and arrive at the Sunshine Cabin before dusk to gradually get used to the high altitude.

Day 2: Sunshine Cabin > Sunshine Mountain > Chiaming Lake Cabin
Distance: 4.3 kilometers | Climbing height: 497 meters

The following itinerary starts with climbing towards Sunshine Mountain. You can leave luggage at the fork to Sunshine Mountain and Chiaming Lake Cabin. Passing the black pond and the sunshine cliff, you will arrive at the Sunshine Mountain at an altitude of 3,602 meters and then return to Chiaming Lake Cabin. You will enjoy natural landscapes during the climbing. The sea of clouds should not be missed.

Day 3: Chiaming Lake Cabin > Sancha Mountain > Chiaming Lake > Chiaming Lake Cabin
Distance: 4.6 kilometers (same for the returning trip) | Climbing height: 149 meters 

You will arrive at Chiaming Lake at around noon. The starting and end are both Chiaming Lake Cabin. Despite the low altitude to climb, there are long slopes and it is really tiring. However, once you see Chiaming Lake, you will never forget the memory.

Day 4: Chiaming Lake Cabin > Sunshine Cabin > Trail to Chiaming Lake
Distance: 8.3 kilometers | Climbing height: -

The last day starts from Chiaming Lake Cabin along the Trail to Chiaming Lake with a distance of 8.3 kilometers. It can be completed in about 8 hours and it is mainly downhill. If you get off at 6 a.m., you will leave the Trail to Chiaming Lake in the afternoon.


Application for climbing license for Chiaming Lake

Besides the itinerary, you should apply for the climbing license for Chiaming Lake and prepare climbing equipment and food. Please refer to the website of the National Police Agency on how to apply.

Application for Sunshine Cabin and Chiaming Lake Cabin

For tourists to stay days at Chiaming Lake, they will not be allowed to enter the Trail to Chiaming Lake without accommodation permits for Sunshine Cabin and Chiaming Lake Cabin. You will be allowed to enter until you have the permits for Chiaming Lake Cabin and Sunshine Cabin and you can not change the number of followers and the date. All lottery drawings will be conducted one month in advance. The authorities offer 18 accommodation spaces for foreign tourists on non-holidays.

The accommodation fees of the cabins are TWD400 for non-holidays and TWD600 for holidays. A group of 2-12 members shall be applied together. There are only simple accommodation facilities in the cabins and climbers shall prepare cooking items and sleeping bags themselves. Due to limited water resources on the mountain, it may be impossible to take showers.


Tips on climbing to Chiaming Lake


  • A large backpack, backpack covers, head lamp, waterproof bags
  • Climbing canes, GPS, mobile phone, camera (depending on personal demands)
  • Warm clothes, waterproof pants, climbing shoes, sun hats, warm hats, sweat suit
  • Cooking tools, food, cups, water filters (depending on personal demands)

Altitude reaction

Most of the climbing route is at an altitude of 2-3,000 meters. Despite a single trip of 13 kilometres and experienced climbers can complete within one day, it may result in altitude reaction if you climb too high too quickly. Those who have not climbed mountains in Taiwan should be cautious

Physical exercises

The journey for climbing to Chiaming Lake lasts 4 days. With many slopes, it requires excellent physical strength. Please conduct physical exercises before going there.