Quarantine Relationship Problems? Ways to get along for couples

Relationships have worsened as couples have been in close proximity with each other since the home quarantine! Psychologists’ assessment show that the long-term home quarantine resulted in higher “divorce rate” than the “fertility rate”. There are more quarrels when staying together too long. The loss of private space at home tends to result in conflicts. If you have problems in staying together with your partner, please refer to the following methods to get along for couples. It can help reduce quarrels and amend the relationship. Staying at home with your spouse should be happy and sweet!

Ways to get along for couples #01 | Sharing responsibilities together

Understanding each other’s intentions and responsibilities

Home quarantine, working at home, taking care of children…… All these have turned your and your partners life into a complete mess As a result, both parties need to learn to allocate and share responsibilities. Undertaking responsibilities is not a one man job and we can start from small things in our life. For example, sharing housework such as cooking, dumping, sweeping and supervising children’s study, etc.

Couples should talk frankly and communicate with each other. They should understand each other and share responsibilities. They can allocate the housework according to their strengths and weakness, thereby everyone is contributing equally to the family. 

Ways to get along for couples #02 | Avoid communication traps

Learn to communicate and negotiate

It is common for couples to quarrel, not to mention the long days of home quarantine. Many quarrel stem from a bad mood, leading to unwanted consequeunces. Both parties should avoid violent language and physical attacks in quarrels. At that time, they should learn to communicate and negotiate with each other.

According to Erin K. Tierno, a psychological therapist, couples can write down all disputes and dissatisfaction on a piece of paper when they are dissatisfied with each other and review together on weekends. You will find that the anger at the time was meaningless. This tip will help your transfer your anger to the paper rather than your partner, and give you more time for self-reflection and sincere apologies to relieve the negative moods of both parties.

Ways to get along for couples #03 | Mutual respect

Give each other private space

Living together does not mean doing everything together. Couples in love and the married should respect each other. One way for couples to get along with is to give each other private space and balance the time and space between “me” and “us”.

Couples can give each other some time to do whatever he/she likes, such as exercises, working, reading and meeting friends. For couples with children, they may allocate time for taking care of children. Don’t feel that having private space is selfish! Private space can help you reduce pressures, improve yourself and promote long-term feelings.

Ways to get along for couples #04 | Mutual trust

Trust is the foundation for maintaining relationship

The stability of relationship depends on mutual trust in getting along with each other. When you give sufficient respect and trust to your partner, your partner will treat you sincerely. Do not suspect each other of doing something wrong. To build trust between each other, you have to keep the following 4 rules:

  1. Do not invade each other’s privacy without consent, such as checking your partner’s mobile phone, emails and diaries, etc.
  2. Do not tell lies and stay loyal to each other
  3. Practice self-improvement and strengthen your confidence
  4. Admire and compliment each other frequently

Ways to get along for couples #05 | Learn to cherish

Do not take love for granted

It is horrible if you take it for granted that your partner treats you well and enjoy everything in silence. Couples should learn to be grateful and cherish their moments together. Cherish everything your partner does for you and do not take love for granted. If you want to maintain a relationship, you should return the love in equal amounts. One person should not be making all the sacrifices for the sake of the other. Otherwise, the one loving you will leave you one day.