Constantly Forgetting things? 5 Methods for improving memory

Do you have friends who always forget things?? Fish only have a memory no more than 7 seconds. They will forget after swimming in the fish tank and believe that they are exploring a new place. People with a bad memory may want to improve their memory. Here are 5 training methods for improving memory. 

Method I for improving memory|Adequate sleep

8 hours of sleep helps improve memory

Researches show that “8 hours of sleep will improve your efficiency”. When your body is “asleep”, your brain will handle the information obtained and received during the day and store them in the brain’s long term memory. Obviously, sleeping is key in the process of converting short memories into long memories. The brain with adequate sleep will allow you to have better performance in logic, reasoning,  and memory storage.

記性差 無記性 訓練記憶力 提升記憶力

Method II for improving memory|Nutritious diet

Take more food with vitamins A, C and E

The brain cells of human beings will gradually decline from the age of 20. Learning, examinations and working pressures will result in bad memory. However, memory can be improved with a nutritious diet. To enhance the maintenance of brain cells and improve the memory, you may pay more attention to brain nutrition and take more antioxidant-rich food with vitamins A, C and E and colored vegetables with folic acid as well as deep-sea fish, nuts, eggs, berries and millets. In addition, avoid eating too much fried food with high calories and high sugar as they will shorten the memory storage and accelerate physical ageing.

記性差 無記性 訓練記憶力 提升記憶力

Method III for improving memory|Reading before sleeping

Make full use of 90 minutes before sleeping

Studies show that “exercises or learning in the night before a good night’s rest can improve the efficiency and memory in the brain”. Reading 90 minutes before sleeping can effectively improve the memory as the information from reading will stay in the brain without disturbance. Similarly, it is also applicable to reciting and learning. Reciting before sleeping can significantly improve the memory.

Reading before sleeping can effectively keep the contents in the brain.

Method IV for improving memory|Get close to nature

Staying outdoors for 30 minutes can improve memory

According to a research conducted by David Strayer in the USA, staying outdoors for 30 minutes can improve the memory by 20% and creativity 50%. Nature can relieve stress and refresh your brain. 

Therefore, if you feel you are in a brain jam, and cannot concentrate on your work, you may walk outside, exercise, breathe fresh air, enjoy the nature and rest your brain for a while. Your brain will be more efficient after a break.

Method V for improving memory|APP for memory training

Out of all the methods,  the easiest one is using a memory training app. Download the following APPs for memory training, they will significantly improve your bad memory and help you study and work with ease. 

Memory training APP#01|Quizlet

You can train your memory through making flashcards (including new words and pictures) with the APP. Quizlet also provides diversified learning methods, such as matching, quizzes, writing and spelling.

Download: iOS/Android 

Memory training APP#02 | Anki

Anki is a flashcard app that uses Spaced Repetition System (SRSs). The principle lies in helping us train memory through long-time repeated review with flashcards.

Download: iOS/Android 

Memory training APP#03 | Tinycards

Tinycards is an APP for learning language with the “Flashcard” newly introduced by Duolingo. It integrates the traditional method of earning languages with words into the APP and achieves great results through repeated flashcards and memorizing words. It is applicable for memory training!

Download: iOS/Android 

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