Puffy Face? 4 methods to reduce edema + facial massage technique

Some would feel that they are two to three kg heavier because of edema even though they are not fat. Edema often shows on thin skin and makes people look ten years older, puffing up your eyes and cheeks. To reduce edema and maintain a tight face, remember the following 4 methods. 

Method I to reduce edema: get rid of moisture

From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, edema is a result of heavy moisture. Maintaining the health of spleen and stomach and promoting blood circulation is an effective way to remove edema. In addition, reduce raw and cold meals, and avoid staying in air-conditioned rooms for a long time. Do not drink cold water or take showers immediately after exercises to avoid sweat gland crunching and moisture accumulation in your body. Besides, keeping hair wet and walking with bare feet will also bring in moisture so pay attention. 

Method II to remove edema: facial massage

Have a facial massage with your fingers when washing in the morning can reduce moisture. For the parts with more edema, repeated massage will promote blood circulation. Park Min Young, a Korean star, indicated that she is prone to have edema. She regularly massages her face and lymph on the neck to help reduce edema on the following day.

去水腫 臉腫 原因 去水腫 穴位

Facial acupuncture points for reducing edema

  1. Push from the middle of forehead to the temple;
  2. Press from eyes to the temple gradually;
  3. Push from both sides of the nose to the front of ears;
  4. Start from the jaw and lift to back of ears and press until feel sour and swelling;
  5. Push from the back of ears to clavicles along your neck.

Method III to remove edema: low sodium and high potassium

For those with intense flavors in diet, if they absorb to much salt, their body will need more water to dilute sodium. Therefore, stay away from potato chips, sauce, soup base and other high-sodium food and take more high-potassium food to balance sodium. However, potassium is a water-insoluble mineral and will lose nutrients when cooked. You may keep fruit and vegetables such as lemons, celeries, bananas and kiwi fruit to supplement potassium. Bae Suzy, a Korean star, keeps such a life style. She takes more food with rich potassium and drinks more water to build a V-shaped face and remove edema.

去水腫 臉腫 原因 去水腫 穴位

Method IV to remove edema: reduce moisture through exercises

From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, “sweating above the waist helps reduce moisture and below the waist induces urination”. Taking exercises can get rid of metabolic waste and toxins and reduce moisture in your body. Taking 30 minutes of aerobic exercises three times a week and weight exercises on muscles will strengthen the muscles in your lower body and reduce edema. Do not exercise in air-conditioned rooms with high moisture as it will prevent sweating. Park Shin Hye also exercises regulary and keeps a healthy diet to reduce edema and lose weight. She drinks red bean soups to reduce edema and has achieved great results. 

去水腫 臉腫 原因 去水腫 穴位