Aerial photography insurance | Aerial Photography and Travel Insurance in Hong Kong 2020

[Aerial photography insurance] Don’t think that a small DRONE (unmanned aerial vehicle) will be zero damage. It’s always wise to play it safe. Although it brings many conveniences to photography, playing aerial photography may also cause accidental injuries. It was reported that a netizen was hit by the spiral leaf of the aerial camera, which caused his hands to bleed severely. It can be seen that aerial photography may also involve some risks. In order to take care of people’s safety, YAS editor has collected the following insurance product compensations from local insurance companies for drone aerial photography.

Overview of aerial photography insurance products – A win-win plan to ensure the safety of people and drones

航拍保險 旅遊保險

Aerial photography insurance 01 | Dah Sing Insurance

For amateur UAS (unmanned aerial system) flights, UAS of 7 kg or less (excluding fuel), the legal liability of the insured UAS for the third party caused by the accident includes: accidental death or physical injury of the third party; accidental loss or damage to the property of the third party. The maximum sum assured is about HKD1,000,000 or HKD2,000,000.

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Aerial photography insurance 02 | CPIC

Aerial photography insurance products provide two types of protection: airframe loss insurance and third-party liability insurance, which basically cover the main risks in drone operations. CPIC has extensively consulted various parties’ , and has in-depth contact with customers, governments, channels, and farmers through participation in agricultural drone promotion live meetings and other activities. It has conducted professional research on the market potential and risk status of agricultural drone insurance products, satisfying the customers’ specific needs.

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Aerial photography insurance 03 | Fubon Insurance

If an accident occurs because the insured operates the remote-controlled drone listed under the insurance contract or if any item falls from the remote-controlled drone during the insurance period, causing physical injury or property loss of a third person, the insured shall be liable for compensation according to law. However, after receiving compensation claim from the insured, the company shall be liable for compensation to the insured in accordance with the provisions under the insurance contract.

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航拍保險 旅遊保險
Photo by The Lazy Artist Gallery from Pexels

Aerial photography insurance 04 | AIG insurance

AIG’s drone insurance plan is designed for aerial photography, real estate construction, disaster relief and other industries. The insurance plan does not limit the drone body size and application industry, covering damage caused by the failure of electronic parts, power supplies and accessories; “operators” other than “DRONE pilots”; even covering “wars, hacking and terrorist activities”. Customers may purchase the plan according to their own or business needs, but they must consult the relevant insurance agent first.

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Aerial photography insurance 05 | Ping An insurance

Ping An Property & Casualty launches drone liability insurance. The insurance product named “Ping An Remote Control Model Personal Liability Insurance” is divided into two insurance options: “drone tracing” and “people tracing”, which can meet the insurance requirements of ordinary users and professional pilots, making the drone more secure in actual operation. This insurance covers all the most widely used models under seven kilograms and it can be bought online.

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Aerial photography insurance 06 | ZhongAn Insurance

ZhongAn Insurance and DJI Innovation jointly launched a user care plan for DJI MG-1 Agricultural DRONE, providing agricultural plant protection machines with high maintenance guarantees, rapid replacement of standby machines, third-party liability insurance and other insurance protection services to solve after-sales risks and hidden dangers of agricultural drones.

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Aerial photography insurance | Is it necessary to buy insurance for “aerial photography”?

In fact, DRONE damage is only a property loss after all, what’s more terrible is endangering the physical wellbeing of people. Therefore, if you do not buy insurance for aerial photography, you are harming people and yourself. Buying insurance can also ensure and compensate for the risk of damage to third parties. Aerial photography enthusiasts are kindly reminded to purchase insurance for your aerial camera to have a peace of mind!