Silver Ion Air Purifier: Scientifically Proven to Kill 82% of Coronavirus in 10 Minutes

There are many silver ion products on the market, all claiming that they can block the coronavirus. Although they may block the coronavirus, they don’t eliminate it, which means that you are only temporarily protected from the coronavirus. The virus may still be attached to your clothes, shoes and socks for up to seven days, meaning you can be infected at any time! The AG+ Silver Ion Technology, developed by AURABEAT, a Hong Kong-based science and technology company, has been certified by a U.S. virology lab to be effective in eliminating human coronavirus, so that every breath of air you take is safe and fresh!

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What are Silver Ions?

Silver ions are used in different disinfection applications. Silver ions (Ag+) can destroy the structure of the virus, thus creating a virus-killing effect! The silver ions first destroy the protein structure of the virus (the protective shell of the virus), then enter the inner layer of the virus and further destroy the nucleic acid structure of the virus itself.


Silver ions can also kill bacteria by destroying the cell membranes of the bacteria and combining with the hydrogen sulfide on the enzyme proteins of the bacteria to destroy it! Silver ions have been shown to have the following five effects in the Archives of Immunology and Allergy 2018:1:1.

  • Effectively degrades and destroys viruses
  • Destruction of viral DNA and RNA
  • Inhibit virus replication
  • Suppression of viral activity and infectivity
  • Stops viruses from attaching and invading cells

Air Purifier Not Killing Germs?
Secondary Transmission can Occur Easily

Although most of the air purifiers in the market have the function of blocking viruses and bacteria, research has proved that the new coronavirus can be transmitted through droplets. Viruses can survive on a flat surface for days and have a chance to spread again when you change filters or move your air freshener!

Innovation in Hong Kong
Silver Ion Air Purifier

Aurabeat was founded 17 years ago by Dr. Kenny Szeto, who has over 14 years of experience in research and development of air filtration and purification technology. The air purifiers developed by Aurabeat are effective in disinfection and sterilization, and have been certified by many organizations and governments.


10 minutes to kill
82%of Human Coronavirus

The Aurabeat AG+ features two air purifiers: a dual ion disinfectant air purifier and a personal portable silver ion air purifier, both of which have the ability to eliminate human coronaviruse. A certified U.S. virology lab has proven that it can eliminate >82% of human coronavirus in 10 minutes and >99% airbone bacteria in 30 minutes.


Multi-layer Filters
Keeps out all kinds of Dust and Bacteria

The primary filter is used to trap large particles of dust and hair, while the middle activated carbon filter removes odors, formaldehyde and TVOCs, and finally, the most important filter is the silver ion filter, which kills bacteria and viruses. Breathe fresh air in the comfort and safety of your home with this air purifier!

AG+ Silver Ion Plasma Sterilization Air Purifier

Each one of these air purifiers can cover an area up to 538 feet, enough to fully cover the average home in Hong Kong. You can also use this to protect your home business, office, retail, and more!


The Dual Ion Air Purifier is equipped with patented technology and a 5-stage filtration system. In addition to the above-mentioned 3 filters, there is a UV lamp with a detoxifying effect and a plasma disinfection layer which can even decompose carcinogenic gases and fumes.


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Portable Silver Ion Purifier

Using the same silver ion killing technology, the Personal Portable Silver Ion Air Purifier fits into a space of 7 square meters, and is more suitable for office desks and car compartments,


There is also a smart mode to meet different air purification needs. In addition to the filtration systems mentioned in the above three models, this model utilizes negative ion technology, which has the function of sterilizing the air! It’s much more secure than a neck-mounted mini air purifier!


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