10 things to do | How to Stay Productive & Positive during a Covid-19 Quarantine

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected the lives of everyone around the world, forcing many of us to stay indoors. Nobody imagined how fast this highly infectious disease would spread from country to country. Most governments are enforcing a combination of restrictions such as social distancing measures and a mandated 14 day isolated quarantine for people flying in. For those going crazy at home all day trying to find things to do, don’t worry! Our editors have curated an awesome list that will turn this negative situation into a productive and positive experience.

01. Learn a New Hobby

Learn a new hobby or restart one that you used to love. Maybe its drawing, playing an instrument, writing, or reading. Regardless, you have so much more free time to yourself now than ever before!

Pick up that instrument you gave up on learning!

02. Start a Workout Plan

Although gyms are closed and you’re stuck at home, don’t use the pandemic as an excuse to lie in bed and be lazy all day! There are so many ways to exercise at home without the use of weights, even better no one can judge you at home. Find a home workout routine on YouTube and stick to it. You might fall in love with working out once the pandemic is over.

Check out this video for a 30 minute home workout that uses no equipment

03. Have some Me-Time

There’s no other perfect opportunity for some uninterrupted me-time than now. There’s no obligation to hang out with any of your friends or see anyone outside so why not have a spa day at home. Take a bubble bath, do a manicure, put on a face mask, and just relax for a whole day.

Finally use that bubble bath you got on your birthday awhile ago

04. Start Cooking or Learn New Recipes

Are you already sick of the food delivery options? Pulling your hairs trying to decide what you want to order this time? Uninstall Foodpanda and Deliveroo, and start learning how to cook! For those who are experienced, use this time to try out new recipes. Break out those recipe books collecting dust on your shelves, and become a master chef at home. Once the pandemic is over, you can impress your friends and family with your newfound cooking skills.

Pick up cooking as a new hobby or if you’re already experienced, master some new recipes.

05. Journaling

All this time to yourself with all your thoughts can get stressful and overbearing for many. Instead of bottling up your thoughts, start a journal to document everything that happened during the day. You don’t have to write something everyday nor does it need to be a long entry. Journals can be a therapeutic way of articulating and releasing all your thoughts from the day.

Let your thoughts out on paper. Treat your diary like a close friend that you can empty your mind to anytime.

06. Self-Reflection

The pandemic has put the brakes on the whole world, causing everyone’s life to slow down. Life was moving so fast for everyone before we were forced to stay at home. Take this time to reflect on what you’ve accomplished over the past year and set some new goals for next year. You’ll come out of this pandemic more prepared than ever! You can even use your journal to help you document this!

Now that life has finally slowed down, reflect on your year so far. Come out of this pandemic with a plan!

07. Spring Cleaning

Clean out your house and do some spring cleaning. Do a thorough clean of everything, and finally get rid of all the useless junk laying around the house. Sort out your closet and give away all the clothes you don’t wear anymore.

A clean home is a happy home!

08. Find a Good Book to Read

Find a good book to read, online or offline. The last time many of us willingly spent the time to sit down and read a book was probably when were children. Give it a shot! Reading might become a new hobby for you.

Get a kindle to read books digitally or order a physical book to deliver to your home

09. Call your Family or Loved Ones

This pandemic has shown how technology can keep us connected in positive ways. No matter the distance, there are so many ways to keep in touch with family and loved ones. Skype, FaceTime, Google Hangouts,Zoom, or FB are perfect for video (group) chats.

Don’t spend all this time at home talking to yourself! There’s so many ways to stay connected with your family and loved ones.

10. Binge Watch some Netflix

This isn’t the most productive use of time but it most certainly is a positive one 🙂 If you’ve been doing everything on this list, why not take a break, make some popcorn, and put on a good Netflix show or movie.

The sequel to the big hit Netflix RomCom The Kissing Booth was recently released on Netflix. Check it out!

Spending time at home all day doesn’t have to be a boring and lazy use of time. Make use of all this time to yourself and try some of these suggestions. You never know, some of them may become integral parts of your daily life after this pandemic goes away.