How to Stay Productive Working From Home? Improving Focus: 5 Productivity Apps

Time always seems to fly by when I’m studying or working at home. The truth is we just haven’t learned how to manage our time. Here are 5 productivity apps that can help you stay efficient and understand how you actually spend your time on a daily basis, so that you can self-manage your time and improve focus!

Productivity App #01|Wunderlist

Friends and Family Sharing List Management

Wunderlist also known as Wonderful List, focuses on list management with a three-tier design that includes “Project Category”, “Task List” and “Steps to Do”. Wunderlist provides time notifications when there are more and more tasks, assignments and activities to remind you of the things you need to complete.

Under Wunderlist’s task list, you can add notes, insert files and pictures, and share the list with your family or colleagues at any time, making your study or work more transparent.

生產力 APP Wunderlist 將清單整齊分類,亦可以將清單分享予同事或者家人。
Wunderlist keeps lists neatly organized and allows you to share them with colleagues or family members.
Download:iOS / Android

Productivity App #02|Timetrack

Allocation of time for itemized work records

Timetrack is an app that helps people keep track of their daily time allocation, with topics like study, work, sleep, and meals. Users can add as many themes as they want and see how much time they spend on things through their logs. You can analyze how much time you’ve spent on your tasks, and see where your problems lie, and how much you can improve.

無論是 MacBook、iPhone、甚至 Apple Watch 也能使用 Timetrack,方便紀錄工作時間。
Whether it’s a MacBook, iPhone, or even an Apple Watch, Timetrack makes it easy to keep track of your workday.
如果是做以時薪出糧的工作,也可以利用 Timetrack 整理 Invoice。
If you work for an hourly payroll, you can also use Timetrack to organize your Invoice.
Download: iOS / Android

Productivity App #03|Forest

Forest development game

Forest is a breeding game that reminds you of the importance of time by transforming time management into forest growing. When you need to focus, set a time to plant a seed and if you don’t use your phone within 30 minutes, a big tree will grow in the forest. If you can’t stay focused and use your phone, the small tree will wither and the focus task will be declared a failure.

Forest 的用戶只要經過一番努力,就能將種出一個森林!
With a little effort, the user can grow a forest!

What’s special about Forest is that the company is partnered with a planting organization. Successfully focusing on a task earns you coins that let you acctually plant a small sapling on the earth. However, Forest charges a fee for the program (HK$15), but why not build good habits while trying to help the Earth!

You can plant trees with your friends and challenge them to focus on their work.
Download: iOS / Android

Productivity App #04|潮汐

Concentration from Sounds

潮汐 teaches people to develop concentration, using a cycle of 25 minutes of work or study with 5 minute breaks in between. This allows user to focus on their studies for a certain period of time, slowly developing concentration and improving their ability to learn. A short break of a few minutes can help you relax and then return to your post, which can greatly improve your absorption capacity.

In addition to concentration timing, you can also use the program to calculate sleep time.

Compared to other apps for practicing concentration, Tidal also offers 5 sound options including ocean waves, rain, forest sounds, meditation, and soft sounds from the coffee shop to help reduce stress while engaging in focused study and work. If you have trouble concentrating, Tidal is definitely a must-have.

The sound and background can be set by the user.
Download: iOS / Android

Productivity App #05|Todoist

Sorting Worksheets in a Simple Interface

Todoist is another to-do list management program that helps you to stay organized in your studies and work. Todoist is a simple and easy to use application with numerous features, including collaboration and cross-platform operation, allowing users to synchronize all their data in one account.

In addition, Todoist also categorizes the recorded tasks into hierarchical categories, dividing them into personal, work, and study items according to their importance, and then managing them in a mother-child task hierarchy. The user-friendly interface of Todoist is one of the main reasons why people like Todoist.

Download: iOS / Android

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