How to distinguish Flat White from a Latte? An introduction to coffee: a classification of 8 basic coffee types

What is the extent of your knowledge on coffee? Do you know the differences between Americano and Long Black? How to distinguish between a Flat White and a Latte? Here is a brief guide on 8 common coffees for our fellow coffee lovers. 


The proportion of coffee powder and water is 1:2 and it is the best category to taste the fragrance of coffee beans. To taste the perfect combination of bitterness and fragrance, its best to rinse your mouth with ice water and digest the sweet after taste slowly.


Espresso can be added with some milk or milk foam with a proportion of 2:1. Macchiato is characterized by a diversified and mellow taste with layers of flavour. No stirring is needed before drinking as it will destroy the multilayered taste.

Photo by Victor Freitas from Pexels


Making Americano is quite easy. Just add some water into an Espresso and the proportion of Espresso and water is 1:2. It has a slightly bitter taste with a sweet and sour after taste.

Long Black

The process of making a Long Black and an Americano is similar. Just add water into Espresso in different orders. Add water then the espresso when making an Americano, and vice versa. Adding Espresso into the hot water leaves a layer of oil at the top, creating a stronger taste.

Caffe Latte

Caffe Latte is an Expresso with milk or milk foam at a proportion of 1:2 to 1:5. There is latte on the surface. The coffee has a strong milk taste since there is more milk than coffee. Remember not to add sugar into Caffe Latte, otherwise, the fragrance of the coffee will be destroyed.

Flat White

Flat White has become a new choice for coffee lovers and it is also easy to make. Pour steamed milk into Espresso and the surface will be covered by a layer of Microfoam. The difference between Latte and Flat White is the proportion of milk and Espresso and it can be identified by the thickness of the milk foam. The milk foam of Latte is 1 cm while the milk foam of Flat White is below 5mm. Therefore, Flat White tastes smoother.


Cappuccino has more coffee than Latte. The proportion of Espresso, milk and milk foam is 1:1:1. Cappuccino has a more diversified and fragrant taste. Many people like to drink the milk foam before adding sugar.


The proportion of Espresso, chocolate and steamed milk is 2/5 : 2/5 : 1/5 for Mocha. It has a diversified taste that is smooth, sweet, and sour.