Worse skin wearing a mask? To solve the mask muscles, 6 small apostrophes allow you to deal with skin problems caused by the mask.


Wearing a mask becomes a daily life, although reduce makeup, but the skin under the mask is worse, wearing a mask even caused skin problems – the word “mask muscle” was born immediately! It seems that there is still a period of time to wear a mask out, do not want the skin to continue to get worse, before wearing a mask and every night skin care to do the following small steps, wearing a mask will not make pores become thick, oil secretion increased!

What is mask muscle?

Every time you wear a mask, the breathing vapor will continue to circulate in the mask, coupled with high summer temperature and humidity, sweat mixed with breathing vapor to make the skin in a long-term hot state, smouldering situation greatly aggravated the situation of skin oil, leading to pores become longer, blackheads, acne, acne and other problems, and even the appearance of wearing a mask skin sensitive, is also commonly known as the mask muscle.

Mask muscle mask skin problems.
The smouldering condition greatly aggravates the oily condition of the skin, resulting in pores getting bigger, blackheads, acne, acne and so on.

Improve skin Wear a mask before and after small steps.

1/ Wash your face carefully and thoroughly in the morning and evening.

After wearing a mask day and night, do you think you can still wash your face with water to keep your egg muscles? Because after wearing a mask, grease secretion becomes more, if there is no daily cleaning, blocking hair follicle grease, cosmetics will increase! The use of weak alkaline face wash daily face wash, carefully wash the nose wing, chin position, twice a week to use the products are best!

Mask muscle mask skin problems.
Origins products advocate natural, balanced skin 沬 cleansing cream is more gentle!

2/ Minimize makeup.

After taking off the mask still want to have a beautiful side to show people, there are many girls still insist on wearing a mask when full makeup! Originally cosmetics have been easy to clog pores, coupled with mask cover, so that the acne problem becomes more serious! So girls may wish to reduce the number of make-up, if inevitably must make-up, you can use lighter texture cosmetics, or with powdered cakes, crushed powder for the foundation liquid.

Mask muscle mask skin problems.
If it is inevitable that you must make up, you can use lighter texture cosmetics, or with powdered cakes, crushed powder for foundation solution.

3/ Replace the mask regularly.

Of course, changing the mask regularly is best for solving skin problems, as dust and vapor can be reduced and constantly circulating in the mask. If you have the ability, change to a new mask after 4-6 hours, or use a new mask after a meal.

Mask muscle mask skin problems.
You may want to change into a new mask after 4-6 hours, or use a new mask after a meal.

4/ Paper towels inside the mask.

Because the daily replacement of the mask is too expensive, the editor will be in the mask every day a paper towel, in 1-2 hours will be replaced with a new paper towel, initially only to avoid cosmetics on the mask, but found that the paper towel can suck away the vapor of the mask, but also to avoid the inside of the mask unwoven long-term friction of the skin! However, some doctors have also suggested that if paper towels are put in the mask, it will make it easy for bacteria and viruses to walk in the entrance mask, we should pay attention!

5/ Mask muscles should be moisturizing skin care products.

Although, wearing a mask to increase the secretion of oil, but before and after wearing a mask should be used moisturizing type of skin care products! Instead of applying heavy skin, look for skin care products that apply to you and can really do the bottom moisturizing! Apply 1-2 masks a week to improve skin condition and keep your skin moist to reduce your chances of oiling!

Mask muscle mask skin problems.
Editors recommend Using Julique’s Water Essence as a pre-import makeup water first-class, absolutely saving a crowd of dry muscles!

6/ Get enough sleep and eat less stimulating food.

In addition to skin care, living habits also greatly affect the state of the skin! Although working at home more hours, it is better to set the time to sleep, absolutely good for the skin harmless! And to reduce the consumption of fried, spicy food, reduce the secretion of irritating oil.

Mask muscle mask skin problems.
Reduce the consumption of fried, spicy food, reduce the secretion of irritating oil.

Recently working from home for a long time should reduce the chance of wearing a mask, but do not forget to take good care of the skin! When you can meet each other in addition to the hood of the day, you can use the most smooth skin to show people.

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