Is My Dog Playing or Fighting? A must read for dog owners! Ways to Stop Dog Fights

There was a recent news report about two dogs playing in the street, one of them died because the owner couldn’t stop them in time. Many pet owners have more than one furry friend at home, so a fair amount of playfulness can certainly improve the bond between them, but if one day they start fighting, there is a chance that the fight could end badly. Dog owners need to familiarize themselves with the following tips to prevent a tragic fight from happening one day!

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Is My Dog Fighting or Playing

It’s important to distinguish between playfulness and fighting. A real fight is aggressive and confrontational. Dogs will often growl or playfully bite each other they play but it’s their body langauge that matters, not their behavior. If their body seems to be relaxed or they are wagging their tail, they’re just playing. If their body looks stiff and upright, and their tail is drooping, it means they are really fighting.


What Should an Owner Do?

So what should an owner do when their dog gets into a fight? Here are a few ways for owners to effectively stop their dogs from fighting.

Separating Dogs the Right Way

If their owner tries to grab their head or neck, they may get bitten back. The correct way is to grab their buttocks or hind legs and pull them backwards, or use their feet to push them away from their ribs.


Distract Them Away From the Fight

Similar to children, dogs will forget who they are and what they were doing when their owners can get their attention. Owners can try to distract their dogs by spraying them with water, banging on them, making noises, distracting them with toys. If they are at home, inviting them outside or opening the door can distract their attention.

Separate Them with Barriers

If the dogs are exhibiting the body language mentioned above and are growling at each other, the owner should immediately stand between them or place a large object between them to break up the fight.


Controlling Blood Sugar to Stabilize Mood

The most effective way to stop the kids from fighting is to prevention! Easy Meal contains the unique formula of BOF, which is effective in controlling blood sugar and keeps your dog’s emotions stable and prevents him from becoming irritable.

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Of course, the most important thing is to know your dog’s personality and what he hates so that you can stop and teach him before something bad happens.

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