Top 3 Things to Remember Before You Hike in Malaysia

Hike In Malaysia

Planning a hike in Malaysia? Your mental health will thank you! It seems that fresh air and a healthy heart aren’t the only perks you’ll get from a brisk climb up Broga Hill or Mount Tahan

From reducing stress to improving your sleep and memory, hiking could be just what you need to get yourself out of a slump. 

But before you schedule a spontaneous weekend hike, keep reading to discover how to stay safe and stress-free on hikes right from the start!

Top 3 Things to Remember Before You Hike in Malaysia

1. What to Prepare

Hikes can be incredibly strenuous. Finding out the distance, duration, and difficulty level of the hike beforehand is always a good idea. If you’re the type to get winded just from climbing the stairs, it may be wise to pick a less challenging trail as a start. 

Also, remember to check the weather forecast ahead of time, so you won’t get caught in unfavourable weather. 

2. What to Pack

Packing light shouldn’t be a priority here. Besides your powerbank, you must have several other essentials if you want to stay comfortable throughout the entire hike. 

For fuel, you’ll need your water bottle and some snacks (bananas or mixed nuts are best!). Additionally, bring a hiking pole, headlamp, whistle, first aid kit, and a raincoat, so you’ll be prepared for any situation.

3. How to Handle Unexpected Events

Scrapes and cuts are almost unavoidable for hiking newbies. But in the event that you sustain severe injuries, seek professional medical attention at once. 

Use your whistle to help others locate you if you get lost. In times like this, having GPS tracking devices or apps will definitely come in handy, so remember to add them to the list of things to prepare before a hike! 

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