YAS x L’etape

We at YAS, are excited to be involved in L’etape Malaysia by Tour de France, their first race event in Malaysia and YAS as their official insurance provider. What does this mean? YAS covers all the participants, staff and crew during the event against any accidental injuries and damages of personal items carried with them during the race. 

Most enthusiastic cyclists may know that there are three Grand Tours of professional cycling events in the world: Tour de France, Giro d’Italia and Vuelta a Espana. All these races have similar structure where it is carried out over the period of three weeks with different stages of terrain – the flat, rolling and of course the mountainous. 

According to the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) International Cycling Union, the world governing body for sports cycling – Tour de France is the oldest, most prestigious and widely attended annual sporting event in the world. Like most races, competitions or tournaments, there are only a handful of professional sports men and women competing in the world. 

Tour de France introduced L’etape, a sportive series designed for amateur cyclists to feel and ride like a Tour de France rider in the most beautiful places in the world. https://www.letapebytourdefrance.com/# This year, L’etape will have the race event at Desaru Coast, the South East of Peninsular Malaysia. 

After nearly two years of border closure during the country’s COVID lockdown, Malaysians finally have some sporting events to look out for again. We will be hearing and seeing those familiar phrases like we watched those grand tours on the screens- attacking the hills, breakaway, drafting in the peloton and the list goes on! 

If you are a seasoned cyclist, we bet you would not miss such an opportunity. Even for a newbie, it’s a phenomenal experience. If you did overlook this, there are other countries to explore this year or stay tuned for next year’s race with https://www.letapemalaysia.com/