The Next Generation InsurTech

Insurance today is slow, complicated, and expensive.

People deserve better,

That's why we're completely reshaping insurance.

This is insurance without the downsides.


And most important of all,


Our Mission
Reshaping insurance for the next generation

We believe insurance can be so much better. We want to change everything about insurance, starting with how the customers purchase, view, and use it. Our version of insurance gives people the freedom to love and cherish what’s important to them. The next generation deserves insurance that is smart and cares about them.

Our Goal
Insurance that is
Our decentralized blockchain makes the whole process so much faster, from the application to the claims process.

Efficient insurance means cheaper prices all around. Our smart technology offers better coverage at a much lower price.

We treat all our customers with the same attitude our products are built on, with love and positivity.

Real-time coverage lets customers decide when and where they need insurance all from the convenience of their phone.
Meet the YAS founders
YAS was founded by a team of entrepreneurs with vast experience in different industries, from digital marketing to blockchain integration. These are the faces that will reshape insurance.