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Getting protection for your everyday journey should be seamless and simple! You can now purchase any YAS MicroInsurance product with csl billing. All YAS transactions will be included to your monthly csl billing.

Limited offer

From 4 April to 31 May, download csl. 5G Lens APP and scan YAS LOGO on the app, and get 5-Trip HYKE MicroInsurance for FREE! 2,000 quota only! Offer valid while stocks last.


Purchase your MicroInsurance with csl billing


Download YAS MicroInsurance App and register as a member


Select your MicroInsurance product and fill in details


Select [Pay by 1O1O / csl billing] as your payment method


Your protection is ready to go!

Experience the new era of protection: fragmentized insurance

Insurance shouldn’t limit how you live your life! At YAS, we believe insurance should be hassle-free, simple.

We break down the conventional insurance process and make protection on-demand and available as you go. No more paper forms and waiting around. Activate real-time protection on your phone anytime, anywhere. As simple as that!

Experience the new way of protection, visit YAS Web or download YAS MicroInsurance App now!

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